Tama Drums – Innovation in Drumsets from Japan

Tama drums are made by the Hoshino Gakki Group. The Hoshino family owned a bookstore in Nagoya, Japan, and in 1908 started selling musical instruments out of the same store, including US made Slingerland and Ludwig drumsets and percussion.

Tama Fact: Tama was the first to introduce boom cymbal stands and multi-clamps.

In the mid 50s Hoshino started manufacturing drums under the Hoshi (star) brand name, and in 1962 established the Tama Seisakusho Inc. for guitar amplifiers and electric guitars. The Tama name was not used on drum equipment until 1974.

Tama manufacture first focused on drum hardware, whose demand was increasing due to the rise of rock music, which required sturdy equipment for loud playing. Tama led the industry with rugged double braced 36 inch tripods, and introduced the first boom cymbal stand in production. Tama also made the first multi-clamp hardware, letting drummers easily extend their drumsets.

In the late 70s Tama was further solidified as a brand name by the introduction of the Octobans. The Octobans are sets of six inch diameter tubes with tunable drum-heads that can produce an octave range pich. Octobans were extensively used by Stewart Copeland, drummer of the Police, within his Tama Imperial Star drumset during the late 70s and early 80s.


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