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Learn How to Play Drums Using the Matched Grip for Volume, Speed, and Accuracy

This page describes how to play drums using the matched grip. If you need to review the matched grip, go to the matched grip drumsticks lesson. The previous lesson discussed how to hold a drumstick, and here we’ll be moving into actually hitting a drum. As the title suggests, the purpose of this lesson is […]

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A Guide to a More Comfortable Drumstick Grip

Most of your interaction with the drum set is done through your drumstick grip, and therefore feeling comfortable with your grip is very important. The information contained on this page really originates from a quest to make the drumsticks stop flying out of my hands. As I was learning to play drums, at some point […]

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Holding Drumsticks Using the Matched Grip

Learning how use drumsticks properly is arguably the most important aspect of learning how to play the drums for a novice. Good technique will make you a much better player, and will make things easier to learn and perform. The first step is to learn how to properly hold the sticks. This discussion is centered […]

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