Remo Drums

Remo was the first to commercially manufacture synthetic drumheads.

Remo is probably best known for its Remo drumheads, but in the mid 1980s it also became a successful manufacturer of drums as well. In 1957, Remo Belli, in collaboration with a chemist named Sam Muchnick, introduced the first commercial synthetic drumhead, hence starting Remo’s domination over drum head making.

During the 1970s Remo introduced the Roto-toms, which are essentially shell-less drumheads that can be quickly tuned to different pitches by rotating a circular metal frame. The Roto-toms exemplified the notion that it is the drum head that’s mostly responsible for generating the sound, although it is the shell that’s responsible for the sound’s amplification, and therefore the Roto-toms do not have the loud presence of more conventional drums.
In 1982 Remo introduced the PTS (Pre-Tuned Series) heads, which were drum heads tensioned on their own hoops. The PTS heads could be directly mounted on special PTS drum kits without requiring further adjustment or tuning. PTS drums never became a great success, but they marked Remo’s entrance into the drum making business.

The Encore set, introduced in the mid 1980s, contained the first conventionally tuned Remo drums, and was followed by another conventional kit, Discovery. In the late 1980s Remo also introduced some new PTS drum set lines called Liberator and Innovator, and a new top-line kit, the Mastertouch, in 1988. Along with drumheads and kits, today Remo also manufactures percussion instruments and kid’s percussion toys.


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