Peavey Drums

Peavey Drums are made by the Massachusetts based Peavey Company, which is better known for its amplifiers and electronic instruments. Peavey introduced its first line of conventional drums at the NAMM music products trade show in 1984. These drums never made it into production and Peavey finally started selling drums a decade later.

What makes the premier lines of Peavey drums unique is the patented Radial Bridge System. The idea behind the Radial Bridge System is to create head tension without weighing down the shell with lugs and bolts that interfere with its resonance. The head tension is taken by heavy wooden hoops that support the heads with no mounting hardware attached to the shells. This allows the shells to perpetuate a louder and longer sustaining sound.

Peavey tom-toms are made with thin 1/10 of an inch thick, three-ply shells, and the bass drums with five ply shells. Conversely, Peavey’s snare drums are made with heavy 1 3/4 inch thick shells that bring out the high overtones in the snare sound.

Peavey drums featuring the Radial Bridge System come in three levels: the Radial Pro 500, 750, and 1000. Peavey also offers a conventional drum set line, the International Series II.


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