Mapex Drums

The Mapex brand was launched by the KHS Company in 1989.

Mapex drums are manufactured by the KHS Musical Instrument Company, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. KHS is a major musical instruments manufacturer and has operations throughout the world. KHS was founded in Taiwan in 1930, but did not begin its Mapex operations until 1989. The KHS Company started as an educational product supplier, and its line of supplies included products for music teaching. KHS is an acronym for Kung Hsue She, which translates to “A Company Helping Schools and Culture”.

The current Mapex factory in Taiwan began operations in 1982, but up until the launch of the Mapex brand, made drums to be labeled by other manufacturers. When Mapex started manufacturing it’s own brand, early Mapex drums were similar to Pearl clones. In 1991 Mapex pushed forward by bringing in drummer Billy Cobham as an endorser and product consultant, in order to establish a unique identity for Mapex drums.

Today, Mapex manufactures professional quality drums and has a large lineup of endorsers. Its distribution center in the US is located in Nashville, TN.


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