Kids’ Drum Sets – Junior Drums

Kids’ drum sets, also commonly known as junior drum sets, are small sized kits that serve a great purpose as learning instruments suitable for small children and bargains for parents. Kids’ drum sets are not usually designed as full performance instruments and are make to withstand the playing force of a small child only, and therefore can be offered at more attractive prices than their adult counterparts.

Some kids’ drum sets are mini kits that don’t include all the parts of a standard drum set. For example, a mini junior drum set may include three drums and a single cymbal, whereas a standard adult kit includes five drums, a hi-hat, and two cymbals. The mini kit offers another great way to save money on a drum set for a small beginner. But, if the young drummer sticks with it, he/she will soon outgrow the mini kit not only in size, but also in ability.

Various kids’ drum set models are typically designed to accommodate children from 3 up to 8-12 years of age. Teenagers will need (and demand) adult sized kits. Junior drums are not toys, they are real instruments, but as mentioned before, they are mostly designed for learning. Their sound quality and craftsmanship is not up to par with grown-up drums, therefore when the time comes, be prepared to upgrade.

If you have a small child that has been stricken with the percussive bug, a kid’s drum set is a cost effective way to get started, especially if you’re not sure your child’s desire to play drums will persist. You can worry about the upgrade later.


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