Help – Drum Lesson Tab Box

The framed drum lesson box should have four plugin players lined up vertically on the left, each looking something like this Picture of a Sound Player, although the exact look may vary. If they’re not there you may want to install a plugin capable of playing MIDI sound files such as the QuickTime plugin. You can download it for free from this location on Apple’s Web site. Sounds can also be played by clicking the links within. If the sound plugin is not visible, you can try the links first.

At the top row, the player and title link sound off how the whole beat sounds like. The next three rows sound off the individual parts. Playing any two at once doesn’t make good sense because the sounds would not be synchronized.

To the right there is a schematic depiction of how the beat is played. This is called a drum tab. Each x or O indicates the respective part that should be played at the time indicated by the count, and a dot indicates a rest, i.e. no sound. You can play the beat by repeating the actions indicated by the drum tab.