Drum Software

Due to the power of the personal computer, Drum software overtook much of what was once the exclusive domain of physical, or hardware, drum machines, which are standalone electronic modules. Drum software runs on a standard PC and utilizes its power to help you compose beats and groves, and generate their sound. Drum machine software provides several advantages over the more traditional drum machines:

  • Drum machine software is cheaper because the electronic hardware required is a computer, which presumably you already have.
  • Depending on the software vendor, drum software can be easily expandable and upgradeable, as no physical electronics are involved.
  • Many software drum machines come with extensive libraries
    of sounds and plug-ins (extension) that can be downloaded later.
  • They have nice user interfaces that are limited only by
    the capabilities of state-of-the-art PC graphics, which are
    much more extensive than those available on standalone
    electronic modules.

Given all these advantages, software drum machines do have a major drawback, which is their dependence on a computer. Therefore, software drum machines are probably best used while composing music on a computer, and if portability is required, standalone hardware drum machines are usually best.


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