Origin of the Drum Set

Drums are among the oldest instruments known to man, but drum sets did not start taking shape until the beginning of the 20th century. Throughout history, the percussion portion of music making was a collective endeavor, in which many instruments were played by many individuals.

At the start of the 20th century all this began to change. Small budgets and little stage space for theater shows and silent movie bands pressured drummers into playing more than one instrument at a time. Consequently, Many techniques for double drumming were developed, in which the drummer played both a snare and a bass drum with the hands. Often the snare drum would be mounted at a close to vertical angle to enable easy movement between the snare and the large bass, which also stood vertically.

Beginning of the Drum Set

The origin of the modern drum set dates back to 1909 when William Ludwig invented the spring loaded pedal for drum beater return, which allowed drummers to have quick foot control over the bass drum while sitting down. This freed the hands to comfortably play multitude of instruments subsequently added to the kit.

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