Basic Drum Lessons to Help You Learn How to Play the Drums

This page will guide you through this site’s free starter drum lessons collection. If you’re a beginner you can start learning how to play the drums right now.

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Drum Lessons For Technique

Learn About Drum Sticks Balance – The first in a series of drum technique lessons that will show you how to handle the sticks and hit the drums correctly. If you’re a beginner, practicing good technique from the start will considerably cut down on your learning time.

Holding Drumsticks Using the Matched Grip – This technique lesson prepares you to play drums using the vetsatile matched grip method of holding drum sticks. The matched grip is the most popular way of playing drums among modern drummers, as well as the quickest to learn.

How to Play Drums Using the Matched Grip for Volume, Speed, and Accuracy – Discusses more key techniques for striking the drum and improving your drum playing.

Snare Drum Instruction – Double Stroke Roll – This drum lesson will show you how to double your roll speed and improve stick control with the double stroke roll snare drum technique.

Snare Drum Instruction – The Paradiddle – Discover a fun-to-play snare drum rudiment to further develop your stick control. The paradiddle is more complex than the double stroke roll and can also be used in drum set beats.

Snare Drum Instruction – How to Play the Flam – The flam is another drum rudiment, but is not a roll, rather a fancier way to play a note.

One Handed Drum Roll – Discusses an interesting technique for playing a drum roll with one hand.

Bass Pedal Technique – The bass drum drives the beat and therefore must be played effectively. This article will teach you how to beat the bass pedal into submission.

Drum Lessons For Getting Started Playing Quickly

Beginner Online Drum Lessons – No Drums Required – Start learning drums right now, without a drum set, by tapping your hands and feet. If you have a drum set, use these lessons to begin your practice as well. You will be playing drums in no time.

Your Second Beginner Drum Lesson – Expands upon the previous lesson and introduces more complex beats.

Online Drum Lesson 3 – Syncopation – Introduces the concept of syncopation with more beginner practice beats.

How to Read Drum Notation – Drum notation is the best standard method used to express a drum beat. Learn how to read it or be left behind.

The Essential Easy Drum Beats of Rock Drumming – Master the six fundamental drum beats used in nearly all of rock music.

Playing Drum Fills – Drum fills are breaks from the beat that help transitions the music. Learn how to play fills with ease and impress your friends.

Miscellaneous Lessons

How to Use a Metronome to Practice Drums – Learn why using a metronome in your drum practice can go a long way toward making you a better drummer.

Three Ways to Hit Your Cymbals – Describes the primary ways drummers hit their cymbals to generate three different sounds.


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