Drum Lessons – New York City, NY

Many people have emailed me asking where they can find drum lessons in their home town. Given the global nature of the Internet, I’m not likely to be familiar with anyone’s local area, but I can give some pointers for drum lessons in New York City, which is my local area. Some of this is also applicable if you live elsewhere.

Private Lessons in New York

Matt Ritter is a professional drummer who teaches in Queens. For more information, visit his Web site MattRitterDrumLessons.com.

Further Resources

To find more drum teachers in NY, aside from asking around, you can find listings for New York drum lessons on a Web site called CraigsList.com (the link is to the New York specific section), and on bulleting boards at local drum stores. One of the largest drum stores in New York City is the Sam Ash Percussion Store. The address for the main store is 160W 48th Street, New York, NY. (There are several Sam Ash music stores on the same street.)

If you’re not from the New York area, CraigsList.com is a good resource for other cities in the United States.


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