Djembe Drums

Djembe drums (pronounced jem-bay) are hand played, goblet-shaped traditional West African percussion instruments, that started making an impact outside that continent in the 1950s, and today are among the most popular of traditional drums around the world.

Djembe drums are frequently used by drum circle drummers, and can also be seen carried around on the streets of hip-cultured cities and towns, as are even special bags made to hold a djembe. Contributing to their popularity is the djembe drums’ loud and expressive sound, and commanding bass tone.

The djembe’s head is made out of highly tensioned thin goat skin, and traditional djembe drums tension their goat skin heads with a rope, while more modern djembes use metal rims and lugs.

Djembe drums are not a part of the drum set, but they are good instruments to expand your percussion experience with. Plus, djembes are obviously much more portable that drum sets and can land you a spot in a drum circle or two.


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