Beginner and Cheap Drum Sets Buying Tips

This page will help you choose a kit from among some quality cheap drum sets that will help you go from drum pad practice to the real thing, but without having to break the bank. A complete professional drum set can cost several thousands of dollars, but is not really necessary for a beginner. Many brand-name starter drum sets from manufacturers such as Sonor, Pearl, Yamaha and Ludwig can be found for well under $500.

Buying Cheap Drum Sets

For some quality cheap drum sets from top brand names, as well as lesser known brands, visit this page at Same Day Music.

When browsing at a store, watch for the kits that include everything you need in one package, 5 piece drum sets, cymbals, sticks, all needed hardware, and even a drum throne (seat). Those package deals make it very easy to start with a complete drum set, although they might not include the best quality accessories. But the good news is that it’s no big deal to get a good set of replacement cymbals, throne, and sticks later on, budget permitting.

Always remember that generally you get what you pay for. Expensive sets will come with more options, sound better, be sturdier, and last longer than cheap drum sets. But, all the extra quality will not necessarily make a difference to a beginner, and cheap starter sets may be particularly suitable for beginners who are not even sure if they’ll stick with it.

Additionally, some parts of cheap drum sets can be easily upgraded. You can replace the drum-heads with better ones, get new cymbals, and replace the bass drum pedal if necessary. You can do these upgrades bit by bit, and they will go a long way toward making your initially cheap drums more professional and longer lasting.

Brand Name Beginner Drum Sets

If you have more in your budget, a brand name beginner drum set, from a well trusted and established company, may be the way to go. A brand name beginner drum set will come with a better warranty, and will be easier to sell or trade if you decide to replace one with a better kit. Major brand name manufacturers who make entry level drum sets include, Ludwig, DW (Drum Workshop), Tama, Premier, Pearl, Sonor and Mapex.

Buying Cymbals for Your Set

Some drum sets do not include cymbals, or the included cymbals are just not very good. Therefore you’ll often need to buy cymbals separately. You can buy cheap 3 or 4 cymbal packages, which go for less than buying cymbals individually, and are suitable for beginners. The 3 packs, which include a hi-hat pair, and a crash-ride combination cymbal, will naturally be cheaper. But having only three cymbals for your drum set is not recommended, even if you are just starting out, because it will limit your practicing and playing.

Check out the following highly rated 4 cymbal packages:

  • Zildjian ZBT Pro Cymbal Pack
  • Sabian B8 Performance Cymbal Pack

And this 3 cymbal package (if you insist):

  • Zildjian ZBT Starter Setup Cymbal Pack

You can grab a cymbal pack here.

When comparing prices, don’t forget to take into account if the starter drum kit includes cymbals. That’s because the cost of cymbals covers a large portion of the cost of a complete kit.


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