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The Hi-Hat

The hi-hat is one of the central pieces of the modern drum kit. Much of its use is in keeping time and carrying the rhythm. The hi-hat is essential a pair of cymbals, mounted on a vertical rod, that can be made to come together or apart using a foot pedal. The two cymbals are […]

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Snare Drum Rudiments

The snare drum rudiments are a standard set of exercises used to build drum technique and stick control. Drum rudiments were not specifically invented for the drum set, but are important to playing the individual drums from which the set is made and learning how to control the sticks. Also, some rudiments can be practiced […]

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How to Play the Flam on Drums

The flam is a distinct sound created by two successive drum strikes made by the two sticks. It is essentially a way to embellish any given note and play it in a “fancier” fashion. The flam consists of a main note, made by the second stick that hits the drum, and a preceding grace note […]

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