Welcome to DrumSetFun.com. Most of this site's visitors are interested in either shopping for drum sets or learning a few things about playing drums. Therefore, here's a quick overview on where to find the pages that let yo do exactly that:

Where to Buy the Best Drum Sets Online

If you're looking for where to buy a drum set, starter drums, or other drum hardware, then Same Day Music is our top recommended online store. Go there and don't worry about finding the lowest price because they have a 60 day lowest price guarantee. To learn more about Same Day Music and get more options for finding drums for sale online, go to our drums for sale information page.

If you are specifically looking for a beginner drum set for yourself, or you're buying a beginner kit for a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild or anyone else, then use the following link to learn more about buying beginner drum sets. The same page also details what to expect and how to successfully buy a relatively cheap drum set. Another option is to look into buying used drums.

Drum Lessons to Begin Playing Right Now

Even if you've never hit a drum before and don't have access to a drum kit, you can start learning how to play drums right now. This beginner online drum lesson, shows you, step by step, how to start playing your first beat, even if you don't feel like buying a drum set quite yet.

If you'd like to know about the simple items you need to get to start learning quickly and cheaply, sneak a peek at the Learn to Play Drums page.

This drum lesson will teach you six easy rock drum beats to quickly make you sound like a drummer and let you jam with your friends. After you've learned those, head over to the drum fills lesson to quickly spice up the way you play. But before you begin these two lessons, you may want to brush up on reading your drum notes. This drum notation tutorial will teach you the core essentials.

For a list and an overview of more of the lessons on this site visit our drum lessons page.

Improve Your Drum Set Technique

Learning proper technique for playing drum sets will help you gain much improvement in little time. The lesson about drum sticks balance is the first in a series of fundamental technique lessons on this Web site. In a later lesson, you can pick up some tips about speeding up your drumming technique.

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